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What is BattlegroupVR?

Hire, Equip, Command

BattlegroupVR is a first person real time strategy in VR for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift curently in development. You are a battlegroup commander commisioned by the Imperium to put down a little rebellion on a backwater colony. Hire your captains, train them well, equip them with the finest vessals and lead them into battle from the frontline in real time.


Recruit you captains wisely, they will be with you for the entirety of your contract, until they are die or you find someone better. Level up your captains as they gain experience, nothing is more valuable then an experienced captain.


Purchase ships and equipment. Configure your fleet to maximize your captain’s unique perks and work well with each other. A rounded, well equipped fleet will weather the storm and uncertainty of a long deployment to victory.


Command your carefully crafted fleet from your selected flagship. You will be on the front lines with your men and metal. Control formations, target the enemy where they are weakest, and use each ship’s unique abilities to break all to before you.

“A true commander leads the charge and fights with the fleet at his back, not the other way around.”
– Invictus Grover, Grand Marshal, 1st Imperium Battlegroup

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