Ships of the line

Selecting the right units to include in your battle-group will be vital to success. Each ship has strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered to create the most flexible and reliable battle-group in order to overcome any situation.

Striker Corvette

The small but powerful corvette class is the fastest, most maneuverable vessel in the fleet. With armaments that allow it to punch far above it’s weight class, the corvette is most deadly striking at targets of opportunity and deploying torpedoes through downed shields of escaping targets.

Special Ability

Torpedo Launcher

Fires a powerful but slow moving missile, best deployed at close range and extremely deadly against exposed hull plating.

Javelin Destroyer

Equipped with two long range medium missile launchers, the Javelin Destroyer excels at providing fire support to the main battle-group. However they are vulnerable when engaged directly, best used to rain down destruction from a safe distance.

Special Ability

EMP Missile

Fires a guided EMP missile that is very effective against shields, which opens the door for the hard hitting missiles to deal effective damage direct to hull.

Phalanx Escort Frigate

The Phalanx Escort Frigate provides excellent fighter/missile screens with its dual defensive turret slots which can mount point defense lasers or flak cannons. Found at the front or middle of a formation to cover the battle-group and absorb damage.

Special Ability

Missile Beacon

Projects an signature onto an enemy target that confuses and redirects hostile missiles to the target instead.

Incarca Assault Frigate

The Assault Frigate is a reliable front line attack vessel for any battle-group. The well rounded light attack frigate has great firepower for its class that can quickly destroy small or weakened targets.

Special Ability

Beam Lance

Fires burst of charged particles that is configured to bypass the target’s shield completely to deal direct damage to hull or take out critical systems.

Sagitta Escort Carrier

The smallest vessel with fighter/bomber launch capabilities. The escort carrier provides harassment and anti-fighter capabilities with its squadron launch bay that can be configured for fast attack fighters or heavy bombers.

Special Ability

Deploy Squadron

Launches a squadron of 6 attack fighters or bombers to destroy other fighters, harass enemy capital ships or close in and disable vital sub-systems.

Repair Salvage Frigate

Capable of performing repairs on-mission, the repair frigate is an excellent support ship that can salvage needed supplies from defeated enemies and turn them into life saving spare parts.

Special Ability

Salvage and Repair

Converts unused supplies from destroyed wreckage and convert them into spare parts to repair the fleet without having to return to base.