My name is Ken, I am graphics designer by day and an indie game developer by night, which means I make games with almost zero budget that are fueled by pure passion alone. I have been casually making games since high school when I picked up a DarkBasic, a rudimentary scripting language for their 3D engine. Went to school for computer science and learned object oriented Java and C#, and recently put that to use with the Unity3D engine. When VR came around my mind was blown, so much you could do and of course the first thing I wanted to do was build a space RTS. Sci-fi and RTS have always been a favorite of mine since seeing star wars on VHS. My first games on Darkbasic was a space RTS so its time to finally bring that into VR and hopefully be able to share it with everyone who loves the genre as much as I do!

Movies that have inspired me:
– Star Wars
– Star Trek
– Ender’s Game
– Battlestar Galactica
– Stargate
– Wing Commander

Games that have inspired me:
– X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
– Starcraft
– Battlefleet Gothic Armada
– Star Trek Armada
– Star Trek Bridge Commander
– Elite Dangerous
– Avorion
– Stelaris
– Endless Space